Human Resources Consulting

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Your company is different – embrace your differences and leverage them to attract and retain top

Pay, benefits, fair policies and a safe workplace are important, expected, and must be done well.
Once that foundation is in place, what separates your company from the others is: an engaging
and inclusive culture; robust training and development programs; open communication and
feedback channels. This is the difference in attracting and retaining desirable talent, delivering
superior customer satisfaction and achieving business goals.

Read on to see how I can help you
identify gaps in your HR strategy and implement targeted improvement programs...

Management / Supervisor training and development programs:

Front-line supervisors are the
face of the organization to your employees. We’ll identify opportunities for improvement with
input from management, employees and the supervisors. Tailored training programs focused
around employee engagement, performance management, goal setting and effective
communications can be developed and delivered as a continuous learning process or a one-time
immersion program.

HR Strategy review and development: 

Assess the alignment of your current HR processes and
practices with business goals. Benchmark HR strategy against industry HR best practices to
determine improvement opportunities in line with company culture and resources.

Employee Engagement: 

Provide manager / supervisor training to establish the business
imperative, explore challenges and gain commitment for improvement. Establish current level
of employee engagement through use of management interviews, focus groups and employee
surveys as appropriate. Determine goals, tracking and communication methods and frequency.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: 

Establish a DE& I baseline through use of manager interviews,
focus groups, employee surveys and HR data as appropriate. Identify short term projects that
show quick results and management’s commitment to longer term aspirations. Determine
methods of communication to keep DE& I progress visible to all associates.